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Arthur Glauberman Local Guide·483 reviews·8,459 photos

Jack Knife Sharpening is a great place to get your knives “ saved”! Jack has been bringing his “ shop” to the White Plains Farmers Market every Wednesday and regardless of the weather, people are lined up with their knives as well as their …More

Chris Barrett 5 reviews·2 photos

Jack did a phenomenal job. Had a 8" chef's knife that I got a bit too aggressive with on a bone creating two sizable chips in the center of the blade. Asked if he could re-contour and bring back to life. He did just that (before and …More

nick wargo Local Guide·338 reviews·1,384 photos

The most important tool in your kitchen is a good sharp knife and I'm glad I found someone to sharpen my knives. The prices are reasonable, the turnaround time is great, my blades came out sharp without being too thin (cuts tomatoes very …More

Debra Sanchez 1 review

First time getting kitchen knives sharpened so I looked around for vendors. Compared to others, Jack Knife was quick and priced right. Sharpens knives while you wait for immediate turnaround. And Jack is super friendly so doing business with him is a pleasure.

Ellen Jensen 6 reviews

Jack Knife is wonderful. Highly recommend for your knife sharpening needs. Did an excellent job on all my knives and even brought back to life my antique butcher knife. Can not say enough good things about this company.

Rudy Koehle3 reviews

Having sharp knives makes cooking more enjoyable. I keep my cutlery pretty well, but the most used blades develop little nicks and chips. Then I take them to a professional. …More

Jamie C5 reviews

My knives have been sharpened at both the Greenwich and Rye farmers market. The work is done exceptionally and in a timely manner. I love supporting small businesses and I highly recommend this one.1E MoskLocal Guide·56 reviews·30 photosa year agoI made a trip to the rye farmers market just to get my 12 knives sharpened! Jack did a great job though I had to wait in line so I consumed extra calories eating muffins while I waited! The knives were super shiny when finished and Jack …More

Diana Scott 1 review

Chopin’ Happy in Westport! I had 14 super dull Henkel knives that I thought were unrecoverable. Jack Knife sharpened them all in no time and they slice like $300 knives now. I am so grateful! And amazed. Jack is a gem!

Richard Haselwood 2 reviewsOutstanding service. Jack made my kitchen knives and cleaver like new. Just got home and they slice onions like a warm knife through butter. Reasonable price, quick service. Very knowledgeable—learned a bit about steel and a few good tips …More

Karen Parrish 4 reviews·2 photos

I just met with Jack and he sharpened 17 of my knives in 30 minutes. He and his assistant Matt were courteous and gracious. I chose Jack because he is a Veteran and I believe in supporting those who serve our country. I found his skills to be exceptional as well as his personality. I'd recommend him to anyone!

J Patrick Cooke 7 reviews

If you’re a working Chef, or a Culinary Student like I am you need consistently sharp knives. After visiting Jack’s my knives have never been sharper! Jack may want to change his slogan to “Sharper than New” he’s also really fast, and affordable. Thank You Jack, for your great service.

chris holman 1 review

A friend recommended Jacks Knife Sharpening service to me, so I gave it a try. Called Jack, made arrangements to drop off a few very dull knives to his house and by the following day everything was sharpened and ready for pickup. Wow, you …More

SkyDog1 review

I went to Rye Farmers Market for the second time to have Jack sharpen my knives. Professional, quick and better than new. Please support Jack, he will thank you, and your knives will also.

Michael BenoitLocal Guide·37 review

t was just a short drive from Rye Brook to Jack's mobile knife sharpening in Mamaroneck and totally worth the trip. My knives are better than new, the price was totally reasonable, and Jack is simply a great guy. I'll definitely be a repeat customer.

Brian Innes2 reviews

Jack was extremely friendly and professional. He had a great system of texting and an easy drop off and pick up plan. Best of all the knives have never been sharper! Will definitely Use again and refer friends. Great experience.

Pavel Rusakov7 reviews

Jack is a undoubtably a master of his craft. Incredibly professional, and welcoming he takes pride in his work. Our cutting machine is up and running thanks to him. His work speaks for itself and I had highly recommend his services.

Carlos C3 reviews

I had a minor “whoops” moment when I accidentally dropped a high end chef’s knife and chipped the tip off! I took my knife to Jack and he not only fixed the tip but also sharpened and fixed up a bunch of other knives. …More

Christopher Suriano3 reviewsWow- I am not one to write reviews but felt compelled to in this case. I had recently purchased a nice new 8” Japanese chef knife which inspired me to see if we could bring the old Wusthof set back to life. Serendipitously found Jack …More

Steven D'Agustino3 reviews

Jack knows his stuff! Not only did he quickly and inexpensively sharpen nine knives (carving, bread, paring, Japanese and Western styles), he evaluated them in terms of their quality and provided some guidance about storage and safe usage. …More

Marija Mikolajczak1 review

Jack did a great job sharpening my gardening tools at the Old Greenwich Farmers Market. I had bent a tip of my favorite pruners and he was able to salvage them. He's friendly and efficient and has fair prices. Hardest thing is to remember to take the knives to the farmer's market before the season ends.1GG Sass2 reviews5 years agoMy husband brought our knives and scissors to be sharpened by Jack at the Warwick Farmer's Market. We cook a lot. We never realized just how dangerously dull our knives had become. Jack sharpened them while we shopped. Fast, professional …More

Sejal S2 reviews

Got knives sharpened last week. Great Job and price was quite reasonable. However I am also giving 5 stars also because the service and attitude were great. Jack gave me several tips on which knives to buy; which knives are keepers versus throwers (throw away after they dull). Suggestions on how to store and wash knives.

Mickey Smeriglio Local Guide·158 reviews·1 photo

10/10 service, superb craftsmanship and superior knowledge.Found Jack at a pop-up table at Mike's Organic in Stamford, CT. Sharpened 6 …More

Jeanne Tang1 review

You know how when you upgrade your equipment, you think you also upgrade your skills? That's how I feel about my newly sharpened knives. Jack did a great job taking my OK knives and transforming them into professional grade. He also …More

hris Dutra5 reviews

I brought Jack 3 knives that hadn't been sharpened in years, one of them a Henckel. After he was done working his magic, they were sharper than the day we bought them, he also revived a fishing filet knife given to me by my dad! Thank you Jack, you have a loyal customer!!!!

trent luby5 reviews

Jack was awesome, I had 5 knives that were in desperate need of a new edges. He made the whole process of getting my knives sharpened quick and easy. I dropped them them off with him around 7:30 Wednesday night and they were ready to go …More

William Herzfeld4 reviews

A long time knife and sword collector. Never found anyone i could trust or felt comfortable trusting my blades with.God bless Jack! …More

Richard O'Connor2 reviews

Great knife sharpening service.Called ahead and told Jack I needed my chef's knife sharpened right away. I …More

Joshua Zottoli4 reviews

Jack did a great job! I brought him 7 pieces; five pieces from the kitchen, a camping knife, and a machete. They all came back with amazing edges. The machete hadn’t seen an edge on it like that in the past 40 years. Jack will be doing a lot more of my blades in the future. Thanks Jack!

Jess Wagner1 review

Jack sharpened my Wusttof knives at the Larchmont Farmer's Market on Saturday and they are good as new! The improvement is massive. Jack's service is reasonable, quick, and he's very friendly as well. A job well done!1Brian O'ConnorLocal Guide·28 reviews·51 photos3 years agoI just picked up my knives from Jack earlier today and they were so sharp that I was worried I'd ruin the tea towel I wrapped them in (and give my wife a sharp knife to punish me with in the process). …More

Runee Harris3 reviews

It is not my custom to write reviews nevertheless based upon Jack’s exceptional work I felt compelled to do so. As an amateur cook I was truly aware of what a great job he did compared to other knife sharpening I had done in the past. He is by far the BEST!!!

Luis Felipe Perez-Costa1 review·2 photos

Great customer service and experience. Quality work. Hastings-on-Hudson, NYLike

Claudio Abreu6 reviews·1 photo

Found Jack on a Google search. He was able to answer all my questions over the phone. After looking else where I decided to go with his services. The website was nice and professional and he had nothing but 5 star reviews. I was able to …More

Johanna Guzman-Concepcion2 reviews

Jack did an excellent job in sharpening the knives I brought. He was surprised to see I brought a lot 😊!! I appreciate the part that he even advised me how to be careful in handling the knives when washing or using it. It was really important that he did because they are sharp indeed !!! Thanks Jack!

Mark Spiconardi12 reviews·228 photos

Jack Knife Sharpening is a vendor at the White Plains Farmers' Market on Wednesdays. I took four of my knives for sharpening and received friendly and quick service. My knives cut like they are brand new. I will definitely use Jack Knife Sharpening the next time my knives need a tune-up.

Michael Bimonte1 review

I have loooked high and low for a good knife sharpener , my search is over, ifYou need your tools or knives sharpened look no further. Jack’s KnifeSharpening is where to go , Not only is …More

A Laartz4 reviews

Excellent service! Jack quickly turned our dull knives sharp. Don't miss him at the Scarsdale Farmer's Market on Thursdays. We highly recommend this business!

Carl Fung5 reviews

Service was great, easy, and nicely priced. I dropped off my knives and pretty much as soon as i got home they were ready. The knives were sharpened very well. Slicing and cutting is noticeably easier compared to when I just used to sharpen them just using a steel.

Brandon King2 reviews

Jack is the best in the business.. there is nobody on his level when it comes to pricing and quality of service. Questions? He answers them. Think there is a knife he can’t sharpen? Highly unlikely. He can sharpen it all! Great all around service. Highly reccommend.

Juan C Espinoza Jr1 review

Jacks service is top notch. I looked him up online and saw he was near by. Within hours my knives are back in my possession. His service is A1 I will definitely be seeing him for all my Sharpening.

Ray PriceLocal Guide·42 reviews·17 photos

I gave Jack a dozen of my kitchen knives. I dropped them off and picked them up a couple of hours later. I had bought several beef tomatoes at the market. I got home and took out my big cutting knife and cut through it like a hot knife …More

Adam Levenson2 reviews·3 photos

I had my 8 inch chef's knife sharpened at Jack Knife last weekend. Service was quick and friendly, and my knife is sharp. Highly recommend.

Sejal Thaker1 revie

Jack sharpened our shun knife at the farmer’s market in Scarsdale. He was such a nice guy and did a perfect job with fixing our knife to be good as new. It was extremely quick and affordable-we will definitely be back.

Johnny David9 reviews

Jack picked up my prized Wusthof knives on Friday and by Satuday at noon he brought them back to me sharper than ever. He is a friendly guy and knows what he is doing. I would recommend him to anyone

Ronni Fox3 reviews

I had Jack do a few nice for myself and it was amazing. He’s a great guy wonderful personality and most of all a very good knife sharpener.

G. B.2 reviews

Jack is a kind, competent and skilled professional. He made a nice sharpened sword’s blade out of a blunt one - and at a reasonable price also.Highly recommended.

Jack Martin2 reviews

Jack is the best at creating a razors edge on your fine cutlery. Sharpness is important in life and food preparation. You don't need to replace your knives; sharpen them and enjoy cooking once again. 🔪🔪🔪

T M1 review

I brought 2 chef's knives, Kershaw pocket knife and a damascus steel pairing knife to his stand at WP Farmers market. Walked around and when I came back they were finished. Never been sharper or in better shape, even when brand new! Very …More

laura marques1 review

I foolishly wasted so much money throwing out “old“ knives once they weren’t sharp anymore in buying a new set. Wish I found Jack sooner. He makes them better than new. I think I’ll have this set around for a long time!

Lee C5 review

I’ve been looking for a trustworthy knife sharpener near Scarsdale. Happy to have found Jack. Jack and his team is super nice.1seven twists4 reviews·2 photos3 months agoMuseum quality , Thank You JackLikeGary CostanzaLocal Guide·131 reviews·20 photos3 years agoYonkers loves him! Had my knives sharpened, they have never sharper. I've used other so called establishments but none have come close to Jack's.

Michael Blumstein12 reviews

Did a great job revitalizing our aging, dulling knives. Reliable and very reasonably priced. Happy to recommend Jack.

Alexis Beene NightingaleLocal Guide·4 reviews

Very quick and easy. Dropped off and picked up the same day. Jack was very helpful and taught me how to better care for my knives.

Lisa Highet2 reviews

I bring my knives to Jack at the White Plains Farmers market. He does an excellent job every time! He is great to deal with!

Beth Terranova2 reviews

Very friendly and knowledgeable - met him at a Farmers Market in Riverdale and he sharpened my knives quickly. They were like brand new!! Thank you!!

Karen Kaufman3 reviews·1 photo

Great job and great service. Now I remember what it's like to have sharp knives. I'll be a regular customer.Thank you!

Muuhito Phillips4 reviews

Great service!Took a few knives in and had them tuned just they way I wanted. …More

Susannah Prout1 review

Jack did a great job! He was friendly and reasonably priced,and brought some dead knives back to life!

James WatkinsLocal Guide·472 reviews·189 photos

oSame as everyone else, he's the man. Had neglected knives and some scissors and he powered through them on a weekend so we could cook the next day. Friendly, hardworking, flexible hours. I'll be back. …More

Ellen Schiavone2 reviews·1 photo

My knives are a delight to use again. Meal prep is a pleasure now that Jack's has rescued my knives!

Alan Rifkin1 review

Great service, quick turnaround, fair prices. Jack does a top class job and the results are awesome - I recommend him without reservation.

R. Scot Bross2 reviews

Jack was able to salvage a blade on a pocket knife that had gone through some abuse. The blade looks perfect and has a beautiful edge on it.

Hope Shanahan23 reviews·12 photos

Had 6 of my Wustoff knives and my kitchen scissors sharpened. They cut, dice and slice like they did the day I got them!

Tracy Luma5 reviews

Brought my extremely dull knives back to life! Sharpened quickly right on the spot. Highly recommend!

Jason Jacobs3 reviews

Fantastic service and a wonderful guy. Really refreshed my knives like new.I'd drive super far for this.

Ross Samchalk1 review

Helped me out right after Christmas. Great service. Fair price. Couldn't be happier with the new sharpness of the blades.

Jesus Gomez2 reviews

Took my old knives to Jack and he was able to bring them back to life....highly recommend!!!!

Michelle Lopes3 reviews

Great service! So fast and knives are better than new! Thanks again!

Varenka Rodriguez DiBlasi19 reviews·1 photo

Really great service!! Westchester area and others check his schedule he usually does some farmers markets

Lisa Sampson2 reviews·2 photos

Excellent! My knives are better than new; highly recommend.

Kevin Craig2 reviews

Great knives are made to be used! And then sharpened by a professional. Take your knives to this guy.

Joel Manning4 reviews

My knives are sharper then when they were new! Thanks Jack! Nanuet NY1

Jim Burns Jr.5 reviews

Jack put a new edge on my 8 year old Wusthof chef and pairing. Great job and did it while I waited.

John BroomLocal Guide·66 reviews·48 photos

I never knew what a sharp knife was until I had Jack Knife sharpen my knives. What a difference it makes, especially when I make sushi!

Miapeab B7 reviews·7 photos

EXCELLENT result. Super quick

Lisa Krieger10 reviews

Excellent, timely service. The best !! Knives are like brand new.

Sue Chin1 review

Very efficient and reasonably priced. The whole transaction was easy. I'm definitely planning to go back.

Randy Rosabal3 reviews·5 photos

Great guy with a great skill. Prices are reasonable and a pleasure to do business with. Highly recommended.1

Justin Babella2 reviews

Great service, reasonable prices for my restaurant in Norwalk, CT. Will use again!

Agnes Holzberg5 reviews

He sharpened a large cleaver knife quickly & efficiently for me. Great job!

Jeffrey Eichenberg1 review

Great, friendly service at the Old Greenwich Farmer's Market!

Vincent Cortez3 reviews

Great results...great price!! Find him at the farmers market in White Plains on Wednesday.

greg antrim2 reviews3 years agoGreat work! Easy and convenient knife sharping in Mamaroneck.

Daniel PincusLocal Guide·30 reviews·18 photos

Excellent sharpening, friendly service. Good hang out with Jack.

Patrick Ballard3 reviews

Jack’s work is excellent and the service is great. A pro!

City Jobs1 review

Met Jack at Scarsdale Farmers market, excellent service & cool guy.

Jessica S10 reviews

Great service! Incredibly friendly with quick turn around time

Gregory Sommer7 reviews3 years agoFast service and great a fair price

Dawn18 reviews

great handy work! thank you

Holly Sanders5 reviews

Service, speed, sharpness...simply the BEST!

Elspeth de barros5 reviews3 years agoGreat work! Thank you!

J W16 reviews

Jack is the best in the west!!!

Chrissy Kronforst1 review

Awesome quick service!

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Laura Bruno

John Mcgonigle4 reviews·51 photos

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