Frequently Asked Questions

Why A Sharpening Service?

At ChopSwap, we provide a Service, not just a Product. While we stand fully behind the integrity and strength of the JackKnife, we believe serving others is integral to providing the world with better humans, and ultimate a more cooperative humanity.

This is what we do! Jack hand-sharpens every knife, and ensures you always stay sharp. There's nothing dull about service.

What is The Jack Knife?

ChopSwap Club's 8" Chef Knife is the SOLUTION to dull, dangerous blades. Custom-Made J.A. Henckels Top Commercial-Grade Ice-Hardened German Steel that was once only available to top restaurants around the world - Now Exclusively from ChopSwap straight to your kitchen.  

How Does The ChopSwap Club Work?

With every JackKnife/ChopSwap purchase, you received One (1) 8' JackKnife Chef Knife. If you choose a rotation interval, we send you a sharpened knife at the proper chosen interval date. You put your used JackKnife in the sheath/box and return to us, using the provided postage-paid label. Easy Peasy!

Shipping is Included??

Yup! Shipping is included. The charge for Sharpening is for labor only.

Do I Own The Knife?

You do! Unlike other sharpening services, you don't "rent" the JackKnife from us. The JackKnife is yours to keep. The plus side is you get a newly sharpened JackKnife every pre-selected rotation period for as long as you're subscribed.

Simply return the used JackKnife to us, using the provided postage-paid envelope, and your newly sharpened JackKnife is ready for use!

Why Pay for A Sharpening Service?

We're professionals. Jack personally Hand Sharpens every JackKnife, out of the box, and back from your home. We don't use commercial sharpening tools, only Jack's personally selected and proprietary equipment.

Preventing only ONE accident can pay for a year of subscription service. It's Quality, Safety, Efficiency and Peace of Mind that has made Jack a legend in the world of sharpening. You will never buy another Chef Knife again.

Can I Cancel at Any Time?

Yes. Simply cancel prior to your scheduled Rotation Sharpening payment, and your used JackKnife is yours to keep.

If you decide to cancel AFTER your newly sharpened JackKnife is mailed to you, simply mail back the used JackKnife and you will only be charged for Postage & Handling. If you decide to keep the newly sharpened JackKnife AND the used JackKnife, you will be charged full retail price for the second JackKnife: a current retail value of $79.99.

Be careful, a dull knife can be more dangerous than a sharp knife.

Will You Sharpen My Personal Knives?

Contact us at and we will try our best to accomodate personal requests. We are currently looking to expand our services in the coming months.

Alternatively, follow our Facebook page to see where you can meet Jack for in-person sharpening.

Or contact Jack by phone or text here: